Advertising services

  1. Advertising placement A ready-made solution for effective advertising of any of your products and support for the entire process, which includes: market research, product adaptation, official licensing, very fast targeting methods and statistics, and integration of various electronic wallets
    Pricing models: mostly CPC, CPM, CPA & Fix
    All-up advertising solutions
    Web & Mobile - Both mobile and desktop online advertising solutions
    Global Performance - Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa
    Exclusive Placement - Only high-quality traffic websites
    Long-term partnership-based relations
    Best prices on the market
    Ad formats: Branding (skins); pre-rolls (video); click-under; rich media; banners (all sizes); POPs; teasers and any other creative formats Commission models: CPM mostly, CPC, CPA & Fix also available
  2. Purchase of advertising space
  3. Partnership with the best web media agencies
  4. Organization and full service of effective advertising campaigns
  5. Creating strategies for advertising campaigns: managing PR and reputation, creating corporate identity, communication and marketing strategies
  6. Network traffic management